Why You Should Never Be Complacent When It Comes to Your Gas Heating System

If you have a gas heating system at home, when was the last time that you had it checked? It may appear to be working perfectly and providing you with all the heat that you need, but if you believe in the adage that you should "let sleeping dogs lie," then you may be setting yourself up for a problem. Why is it important for you to schedule a service visit as soon as possible and what are some of the tell-tale signs that show you may have trouble ahead? Read More 

Understanding How Your Commercial Split System Air Conditioning Works

The first thing you need to know about split air conditioning systems is that they comprise of two main units: A condensing unit and an air handling unit. There is also a refrigerant, which is the whole system's working fluid. Where Does the Air Conditioning Process Start? The process starts in the air handling unit, where the refrigerant, under high pressure, is throttled to the evaporator. It is then heated to a boiling point by heat drawn from the medium surrounding the evaporator, which can be water or air. Read More 

Top 5 Telltale Signs Your Air Conditioning Ducts Need Cleaning

Ducted air conditioning is very effective at climate control for indoor spaces. Regularly cleaning the ductwork is part of the best practices for proper maintenance of this type of air conditioning. Cleaning the ducts in a ducted air conditioning system improves the efficiency of the system and helps extend its useful life. With these and other benefits in perspective, you want to make sure you get cleaning. How, then, do you know it is time to clean out your ducts? Read More 

Is your town house much hotter upstairs than downstairs? Here are several reasons why

There are many different benefits of owning a town house. They're often larger and have more room to move about. You also get to enjoy more privacy and beautiful views from upstairs windows. However, the summer season can be challenging for town home owners. You may find that the upstairs space is much hotter than downstairs, causing you to rack up high cooling costs. In addition to the obvious reason that warm air rises and warms up your second floor much more than downstairs, there are other contributing factors to this problem. Read More 

3 Huge Things You May Not Know Are Broken In Your House

Being a home owner comes with a lot of responsibility and, as any of them will lament to you, the almost constant need to fix things that are broken around the property. Most of these repairs are small and you notice the problem straight away. What many people might not know is that sometimes you could have a huge problem lurking right under your nose and not even know it. Here are 3 huge things that could be wrong in your house without you realising. Read More