8 Ways to Save Money on Heating

Whether you use gas, electricity or some other kind of heating system to keep your home warm in winter, there are steps you can take to reduce the amount of money you spend on heating. Follow these tips to stay warm without blowing your household budget.

1. Turn Down the Thermostat 

Try turning down the temperature setting on your thermostat by just one degree. It is unlikely that you will notice such a tiny change in temperature, but it could save you money over time.

2. Change Your Energy Supplier

Switching to a different supplier for your gas or electricity could allow you to get a better deal on the fuel you use. You won't experience any interruption in service as the supplier switches over.

3. Don't Block Your Radiators or Heating Vents 

Move furniture away from your heating vents or radiators to allow them to effectively heat the room. Pay particular attention to the position of upholstered furniture, as the foam inside sofas and armchairs is an insulator, which means it is very good at blocking heat.

4. Draw the Curtains 

Be sure to draw the curtains as soon as the sun goes down. After dusk, the world cools down quickly, which can lead to rapid heat loss through your windows.

5. Insulate the Attic

A large proportion of heat loss in a modern home occurs through the roof. Adding insulation to your attic, loft, or roof can help to reduce this heat loss, cutting down the amount of money you need to spend on heating.

6. Install Cavity Wall Insulation 

If you do not have it already, fit insulation into the cavities in your home's exterior walls to reduce heat loss. It is also possible to insulate solid walls, but this is more difficult and costly.

7. Improve Your Glazing

Upgrading your windows to double or triple glazing can help to reduce the amount of heat that is lost through the glass. As a bonus, you might also notice that you hear less noise from outside, which is fantastic if you live near a busy road.

8. Maintain Your Heating System

Both gas and electric heating systems work more efficiently when they receive regular maintenance. Schedule regular services for your gas furnace or electric heater to keep it in good working order. In the long run, regular maintenance could help you to save money on your heating bills. Reach out to a heating contractor for more information.