Two tips for those who need air conditioning systems installed on their commercial premises

If your commercial property has been feeling far too warm lately and you've decided to get an air conditioner fitted, you should follow the tips below.

Opt for ceiling vents instead of floor vents if your property gets a lot of foot traffic

If you have opted for ducted air conditioning, the HVAC contractor who has been assigned this air conditioning installation job will ask you where you want them to install the system's vents. If your premises gets a lot of foot traffic, then you should instruct them to put the vents in the ceilings, rather than the floors.

The reason for this is that, if there are staff members, clients and business associates walking around your building all day long, the dust, bits of soil, tiny stones, grass and other detritus on the bottom of these peoples' shoes will fall into any floor vents that they walk over. Over the course of time, this debris will stop the cold air that the floor vents are supposed to release from being emitted. The only way to get these vents working again would be to get your HVAC contractor to clean out all of this detritus. If you'd rather not have to do this every few weeks, then ceiling vents would be a better choice, as the chances of these vents getting blocked with debris are slim to none.

Don't get a split system unless your place of business is fairly small

Most HVAC contractors advise their commercial clients to install ducted air conditioning, even though the installation of a system like this is a little more complicated and pricey than the installation of a split-system. The main reason they tend to offer this advice is that a split-system unit is generally most effective in a small space.

If you have a very big, open-plan commercial office and you insist that your HVAC contractor fit a split-system unit in this space, the unit will probably only be able to cool the part of the office that is closest to it, whilst the section that is, for example, 20 metres away from this unit will remain warm, even after the system has been on for a few hours. In this situation, you would probably have to get some ceiling fans fitted in the warm section of the office, which could then negate the initial savings you made by opting for this system.

For more information, contact an air conditioning installation professional.