Top 5 Telltale Signs Your Air Conditioning Ducts Need Cleaning

Ducted air conditioning is very effective at climate control for indoor spaces. Regularly cleaning the ductwork is part of the best practices for proper maintenance of this type of air conditioning.

Cleaning the ducts in a ducted air conditioning system improves the efficiency of the system and helps extend its useful life. With these and other benefits in perspective, you want to make sure you get cleaning. How, then, do you know it is time to clean out your ducts? Here are a few signs to look out for.

1. Visible Build-ups of Debris

If, upon a physical examination of the ducts, you realise that there's a big build-up of dirt, the bodies of dead insects and rodents and a significant amount of insect and rodent droppings and other such debris, then you should schedule a cleaning. Even if you may not be able to see it clearly, droppings and dead bodies are both a clear sign that insects and rodents have made a home of your ducted air conditioning unit.

2. Certain Noises from the Unit

Ducted air conditioning units tend to make certain noises if the components, particularly the damper, are covered with dust or any other debris. As the unit tries to overcome the obstruction from this debris build-up, you may hear the unmistakable whistling from your conditioner.

3. Reduced Airflow

You should make a point of checking the airflow from your ducted air conditioning unit. One of the primary causes of reduced air flow is a blockage in the ducts. If you notice reduced airflow, then it may be time to schedule for inspection and cleaning.

4. Mould Infestation and Allergy

If you are picking up a musty smell from your ducted air conditioning, then it may be that there is a lot of moisture trapped in your ducts. Similarly, if members of your household have developed dust allergy symptoms, it may be that there is a lot of dust trapped in your ducts.

5. Dust When Turning on the AC

If you look at the vents when you turn on the AC and notice a blast of dust, then that is a clear sign that there is too much of that dust in the ducts. It's very clear that your ducts need cleaning out.

These highlighted signs are only but a few of what you should keep an eye out for. Be sure to call a professional technician to attend to cleaning out your ducted air conditioning.