3 Huge Things You May Not Know Are Broken In Your House

Being a home owner comes with a lot of responsibility and, as any of them will lament to you, the almost constant need to fix things that are broken around the property. Most of these repairs are small and you notice the problem straight away. What many people might not know is that sometimes you could have a huge problem lurking right under your nose and not even know it. Here are 3 huge things that could be wrong in your house without you realising. 

1. Air Conditioning

Depending on where you live in Australia lots of us probably don't use the air conditioning all that much outside of the scorching summers. Those long periods of non-use followed up by a massive amount of activity can cause problems with any air conditioning system. It is important during the months where you might not use it to check up on it every once in a while. A simple 15 minute test just turning it on and making sure the system works will be fine in most cases. This not only lets you discover if there is a problem with the system but allows the system to stay active. The last thing you want on the first boiling hot night of summer is to have to deal with a broken air conditioner so discovering this problem as early as possible is vital. If you do find a problem contact your dealer or an authorised HVAC contractor (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) before the summer rush comes on. 

2. Broken Or Damaged Water Pipe

A lot of the time when a water pipe bursts it will be immediately obvious to those in the house and you will see the visible effects straight away. Sometimes, however, a pipe can burst or leak away from any place that would cause it to be noticed. In those cases the problem can build and build until it creates a much a bigger event that cannot be ignored and, by that point, thousands more in damages. Look out for signs like big drops in water pressure, the smell of mould, water discolouration, larger than normal water bills and new, unnatural noises when you turn the tap. If you think there is a problem contact a plumber immediately.

3. Cracked Foundations

Cracked foundations can be a huge problem for the overall structural integrity of the house and, unless you are a professional, you probably don't know what to look for. Warning sings include cracked tiles in your bathroom, uneven floors that cause doors and windows to jam and small (or large) cracks in the wall. This is a very serious issue and a huge safety issue so contact an air conditioning repairs professional straight away.