Discharge Systems You Can Use With Evaporative Air Conditioners

Evaporative air conditioners are nature at its best. Have you ever noticed that you feel cooler when sitting by an ocean or sea? Well, this is because warm air blowing across the face of the water initiates evaporation and loss of heat in the process. By the time the air gets to you on that sandy beach, its temperature is lower and you can feel the cooling effect. This is the working concept of an evaporative air conditioning system, which comes with a pump, fan, and cooling pad.  The pump moves water to the cooling pad, wetting it in the process. At the same time, the fan brings in air and passes it over the moist pan, cooling it down in the process before it circulates in your house.

Here are some of the discharge systems you can use with an evaporative air conditioner:

Down Discharge

Just as the system's name suggests, down discharge units are mounted on the roof of the room. Streams of cold air fall directly into space beneath the units to give the cooling effect. Generally, down discharge systems are ideal for both plenum and ducted air conditioning systems. Plenum systems come with a centralised air distribution box while ducted systems just have pipes connected to the main HVAC outlet.

Side Discharge

Side discharge systems are another option you can go for. Here, you will start by determining the best point for maximising the flow of air into the room, avoiding obstructions as much as possible. The side discharge can be mounted on the floor or on any part of the wall. In some cases, you may also decide to install them in the ceiling cavity if the wall of floor does not suffice. Due to the close proximity they can have with the occupants of the room, you might need sound attenuation, particularly in bedrooms and study rooms.

Top Discharge

Top discharge is the precise opposite of the down discharge system. Here, the unit is installed in such a manner that the cool air travels upwards into the room. It is ideal for cases where easy access to a floor mounted air conditioning systems is necessary, especially for quick diagnosis and examination.

The down discharge system is the best option among these three. Considering that the roof hangs above everything in the room, air distribution is near perfect. Moreover, nothing stands between the roof and the ceiling or roof, unlike a side and top discharge system where furniture can block the pathway of cool air.