Air Conditioning Failure | 4 Ways Your AC Compressor Can Fail

The compressor is one of the most vital parts of your air conditioning unit, because it pumps and pressurises the flow of refrigerant through the system for generating cooling. Over time, several issues can result in AC compressor failure, whether it is a loose wire or an impeded motor. If something goes wrong with the compressor, you'll want to know right away so that you can get a professional technician to prevent further damage to your cooling system. 

Dirty Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are part of the compressor unit. When dust, grime and dirt build up on the condenser coil, the air conditioning unit will be forced to run harder to power through the blockages for cooling down your room. This increased pressure will result in compressor overheating and eventual failure.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Too little refrigerant in an air conditioner is likely to cause compressor motor overheating because the coolant fluid is unable to bring down the temperature within the system. Overheating typically occurs when there is a refrigerant leak somewhere in the system, allowing the refrigerant to escape.  After a while, the refrigerant level becomes so low that the compressor has to work substantially harder to pump enough refrigerant through the system to cool your space. This strain can overheat the AC motor, which can trip a circuit breaker and will eventually cause your compressor to break down.

Electrical Trouble

An electrical failure within your air conditioning unit can cause a great deal of damage to the compressor. For instance, when the AC turns off and on frequently because of loose wiring, then the fan controls and compressor will eventually wear out. Blown fuses and frayed wires are well known culprits of eventual compressor failure. An experienced air conditioning technician will need to inspect the electrical equipment around the system to prevent compressor failure. If you notice your AC turning off and on too many times, get it checked immediately.

Incorrect Suction Line Size

AC compressors pump liquid into the refrigerant stream. These refrigerant velocities must remain high enough, so piping size is vital to maintain this. A too-big or too-small suction line for your air conditioning system can cause premature compressor failure. Poor suction line sizing or poor installation of the suction line can cause your air conditioning refrigerant lines to become blocked or damaged and the unit will not cool as effectively as it should. If this problem is not fixed, the increased temperature can cause overheating, which results in AC compressor failure.

Your air conditioning system must be serviced regularly to ensure that the compressor remains in good working condition. If you notice these problems, call a licensed AC technician immediately.