Causes of Cold and Hot Spots When an HVAC System Has Been Installed

You may be wondering why there are cold and hot spots in some sections of your house after you have installed an HVAC system. Read on and discover some of the common causes of what you are experiencing. 

A Poorly Sized Unit

An HVAC system that is too large for your home will cycle on and off quickly. That short run time means that the air within your home will not move over the evaporator coil several times so that it is sufficiently cooled or heated. This means that the peripheral sections of your home (such as the corners of the rooms furthest from the AC ducts) will be warmer or colder than the rest of the room. The remedy to this problem is very costly because you have to buy a new HVAC system or have the one you bought exchanged for the correct size for your home.

Leaks in the System

The points at which duct sections are joined may leak if they were not sealed appropriately with the recommended products (such as aluminum tape or sealing mastic). Conditioned air may leak from those joints and reduce how effectively different sections of your home are heated or cooled. You can inspect the system and be on the lookout for abnormal levels of condensation on segments of the ducts that are close to duct joints. Seal all the joints that show signs of leaking with the recommended sealing products.

Lack of Insulation

Cold and hot spots may also be the result of ducts running through parts of the home that do not receive conditioned air (such as the attic). Conditioned air may be heated or cooled due to the ambient temperature in those unconditioned spaces. Consequently, the air delivered by these affected ducts will be cooler or hotter than when it left the AC unit. Cold and hot spots will result. This problem can be fixed by insulating all the ducts running through unconditioned spaces so that this heat and energy loss avenue is plugged.

It may not be very easy for a layperson to identify the exact reason why his or her home has cold and hot spots. Tampering with the HVAC system may also void the warranty since many manufacturers insist that only certified technicians should repair AC systems. It is, therefore, advisable for you to hire an HVAC professional to check your newly installed air conditioning system thoroughly so that appropriate remedies can be implemented for the cause of those cold and hot spots.