Tips to Make Your Air Conditioning More Eco-Friendly.

In many areas across the country, air conditioning is a must. However, these devices typically consume a large amount of energy, which is bad for both your bank balance and the environment. To help save both while still keeping cool, just follow the tips in this guide.

Regularly Service Your System

If your air conditioning unit isn't being properly maintained, it's going to have to work a lot harder, needlessly wasting energy while it does so. This is surprisingly common, in fact most service calls ordered for an air conditioning unit could have been avoided if the machine had been regularly serviced.

All you need to do is check and clean the filter each night. You must also ensure that the outdoor side of the unit is free from any leaves or dirt. Cleaning of both the outside and inside filters doesn't take long, and should be explained in the unit's service manual.

Check for Obstructive Furniture

Air conditioning works by circulating cool air around a room. If the air can't circulate as well then the room won't be cooled as efficiently, so make sure than any furniture which is blocking the airstream is moved out of the way.

Avoid making the mistake of placing a favourite chair in front of the air conditioner in order for that location to get cool quicker. The temperature in the room itself won't be reduced as effectively, and you'll be wasting energy.

Avoid Unnecessary Light

Anything which creates heat is going to make an air conditioner work extra hard. Firstly, though it might seem excessive, make sure you don't leave any lights on in rooms which you aren't currently occupying. Of course, aside from the reduction in heat, you'll also lower your lighting-related energy consumption.

Next, make sure you close blinds, curtains, and shutters in the summer to keep out the sunlight, remembering to take the changing position of the sun throughout the day into account. Doing this can reduce heat absorption by up to 80%.

Supplement with a Fan

Fans are vastly more energy efficient than air conditioning systems, so using one can be a great way to make the most of yours without wasting any energy.

Fans don't actually create cool air, but they can help circulate it. This means that less cool air needs to be pumped inside by the air conditioning unit. Pairing these two together makes complete sense since you essentially optimise the efficiency of both.

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