Does Your Commercial Boiler Need Repairs? Here Are Some Apparent Signs

Most companies rely on commercial boilers to keep their facilities warm, especially during the cold season. However, some business owners wait until the boiler shuts down completely to outsource industrial gas heater repair services. Even minor boiler breakdowns could pose many risks to the people within the facility, and that's why fixing them early is crucial. Luckily, several signs can tell you that all is not well with your heating system. Below are some of these signs indicating that your industrial heating system has developed problems and needs repairs.

Leakages in the System

Boilers should never leak water. These heating systems are pressurised and sealed such that no water can escape the system. Therefore, any visible leakage is enough proof that you should search for gas heater repair companies in your area. Sometimes the leaks are not obvious but can manifest in wet spots and mould on the ceiling and walls near the unit.

Higher Utility Bills than Usual

If your energy bills are way higher than what you paid last year, your boiler could be at fault. A functional system does not need so much power to work efficiently. So, when the energy costs keep rising, there is an underlying problem that should be checked. 

An Aged Unit

How many years have you had your commercial boiler? Like other machines in your businesses, the boiler unit will certainly tear and break down after years of service. Therefore, it is crucial to replace it after the recommended years of use — perhaps after using it for a decade. It is also vital to continually examine and service the heating unit to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Weird Noises from the Unit

Commercial boilers are quiet and cause no distractions to the employees and clients in the facility. So when you hear some rattling noises coming from your boiler, you need to contact a heating repair technician immediately. Such noises could indicate that the circulating pump has failed or a build-up of sediments. Only an expert can identify the issue and determine the steps to take next.

Variation in Temperature

There could be multiple reasons for inadequate heating in your facility. It could be insufficient fuel, airlock, or mechanical damage in the boiler. Therefore, if your commercial boiler is heating some areas more than others, it could be the ideal time to consult gas heater repair services near your business. A professional in heating repair services will let you know if the heater needs repairs or replacement.

It is always important to stay prepared for commercial gas heater repairs since these issues are hard to ignore. As such, you should partner with a reliable and certified technician for emergencies. They will repair the issue in no time or recommend a replacement if necessary. 

For more information about industrial gas heater repair, contact a local contractor.