3 Signs That You Need to Install a New Commercial Air Conditioning System

A properly functioning air conditioning unit in your business premises means a good working condition for you and your workers. On the other hand, if your AC unit is faulty, the working environment will be very uncomfortable, which may reduce your workforce's productivity. 

While a number of repairs can restore your commercial air conditioner to operating optimally, frequent repairs mean that the useful life of your system has come to an end. And that means you need to install a new commercial air conditioning system. Here are three clear signs that you need to replace your AC unit. 

1. The System Keeps Breaking Down

A significant indication that your air conditioner has outlived its life is when you have to replace one part after another. As your AC unit ages, most of its components fail, and it develops different problems that might cost you a lot of money to have it up and running.  

It is okay to have your commercial air conditioner develop a problem once or twice annually, depending on how much time it runs as well as its age. But, if it keeps developing different issues more frequently, then it is wise not to spend any more money to repair it; instead, hire an AC technician to install a new one for you.

2. The System's Efficiency Has Gone Down

With proper installation, a new air conditioner should regulate your business's indoor air without problems. However, after years of operation, your unit will get more and more worn down. The result is that your AC will start straining to cool down temperatures. At this point, the AC unit is no longer as efficient as it used to be, which means that some business areas will have cool air while others will not. When this happens, consider replacing your cooling unit.

3. The System Has Outlived Its Life

With proper maintenance, your commercial air conditioner can last up to 20 years. However, as it approaches this age, your AC unit may start to develop different problems that might limit or halt its functions. And this is the right time to replace it.

If your commercial air conditioner displays any of the signs above, don't spend any more money on repairs that might only eliminate the problem for a few days. Instead, hire a competent HVAC expert to install a new one on your business premises. That will only cost you a one-time installation fee, and you'll enjoy comfort for several months or years without calling in an expert for repairs. Contact a commercial air conditioning service for more information.