4 Top Benefits of Split HVAC Systems

There are two main types of HVAC systems for the home: duct and ductless. Ducted air conditioning units are the most common, but there is a growing trend in split system air conditioners. They offer numerous benefits, and here are four that you should be aware of when you come to choosing a system for your home.

They Save Money

People are always looking for ways to save money on their spills and a split HVAC system is a way to do that. According to Energy.gov, 30% or more of energy consumption is accounted to losses through ducts because they are not insulated properly. Without the ducts to worry about, you instantly benefit financially.

The systems also deliver the cooler air more precisely into the rooms that actually need it. It is possible to cool some rooms during the day and others only during the night. This reduces the amount of energy the systems use, saving you money.

Easy to Maintain and Use

Split system air conditioners are much easier to maintain than their ducted counterparts. While you will need to clean the filters, you don't need to get within the systems to check for duct leaks or full cleaning. The systems are designed to need periodic cleans and the filters are washable.

These systems are also very easy to use. You control everything through a thermostat and remote control. The thermostat sets your room temperature and you can control the zoning from your armchair.

Better Air Quality

Window units are often linked to poor indoor air quality. They may not work properly and can sometimes pull pollutants in. Likewise, fault ducts can lead to pollutants and dust spreading around the home. Regular cleaning and professional maintenance is also required to make sure the air quality remains high.

Split HVAC systems don't have this issue. The pollutants are pulled out and the home is left allergen free. The systems have a multi-stage filtration system to ensure all allergens are not circulated into rooms.

Attractive Units

It is much easier to hide a ductless system than the clunky duct ones. You will have an outdoor unit and then individual indoor ones for various rooms in your home. They can be placed on walls, flooring and ceilings to work with the style of your home.

Spilt system air conditioners are much friendlier for your home. They are cost effective and easy to use and maintain. It is time to consider one for your property.